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JOOLA/Sport Squad

Phone: 301-329-2486

Category: Air Hockey

Specific Products:
- 72” Air Hockey APH with convertible top + pop scorer (Item No. 48045) (Sears)
- 66” Air Powered Hockey Table with convertible top blue/green (Item No. 8402023) (Kmart)



Phone: 800-714-3431


Lawn Games (5-1 combo game, badminton set, volleyball set, horseshoes, bean bag toss, soft bean bag toss, bocce, croquet set, backyard ladder game);

Indoor Games (double shot arcade basketball game, double shot mini hoop, double shot arcade basketball, double shot arcade basketball wireless, single shot arcade basketball, double shot arcade electronic basketball);

Smart Pro Product Range (smart pro speed vision, smart pro free juggler soccer ball, smart pro speed radar baseball combo, smart pro speed radar soccer goal combo, cross ball)

Shaq Hoop Products

Design International Group


Phone: 877-764-7173

Category: Basketball Game, Table Soccer

Specific Products:
- Double Shot Basketball Game (Item Nos. 47702, 25108) (Sears)
- PVC Basketball Game (Item No. 8412801) (Kmart)
- Wireless Basketball (Item No. 8486767) (Kmart)
- Table Soccer

Escalade Sports


Category: Basketball Game

Specific Products:
- Double Shot with Metal Frame (Item No. 97462) (Sears)

Fung Seng


Category: Basketball Game, Archery, Hover Shot, Bowl-A-Rama, Hockey/Baskeball, Skeeball, Football Darts, Putt Putt, Table Tennis/Football

Specific Products:
- Mini Basketball (Item No. 8313206) (Kmart)
- Archery Wilderness Trainer (Item No. 8486766) (Kmart)
- Glow in the Dark Hover Shot Game (Item No. 8483436) (Kmart)
- Bowl-A-Rama (Item No. 8313218) (Kmart)
- 20” 2n1 Hockey/Baseball Set (Item No. 7904139) (Kmart)
- Mini Skeeball (Item No. 8313207) (Kmart)
- OTD Football Darts (Item No. 1683666) (Kmart)
- Putt Putt Games (Item No. 5904254) (Kmart)
- Table Tennis/Football Game

Lion Sports


Category: Air Hockey, Billards, Table Soccer

Specific Products:
- 72” Air Hockey Table (Item No. 25153) (Sears)
- 84” Air Hockey Table (Item No. 25154) (Sears)
- 84” Air Hockey Table with Hi-Gloss Top and Overhead LED (Item No. 25156) (Sears)
- 96” Air Hockey Table with Hi-Gloss and Overhead LED (Item No. 25157) (Sears)
- 7’ Arcade Shuffleboard (Item No. 71683)
- 9’ Archade Shuffleboard (Item No. 71684)
- 96” Bay Shore Green Felt/Brown Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 71692) (Sears)
- 96” Bay Shore Blue Felt/Black Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 49096) (Sears)
- 96” Bay Shore Red Felt/Black Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 71694) (Sears)
- 96” Bay Shore Gray Felt/Black Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 71695) (Sears)
- 84” Arlington Green Cloth (Item No. 25136) (Sears)
- 84” Arlington Red Cloth (Item No. 25137) (Sears)
- 84” Arlington Grey Cloth (Item No. 25146) (Sears)
- Table Soccer


Phone: 844-675-7364

Phone: 479-268-5122

Category: Air Hockey, Billards

Specific Products:
- 48 inch Air Hockey Table (Item No. 2834458) (Kmart)
- 48inch, 14 in 1 Rotating Multi-Game Board (Item No. 2836738) (Kmart)
- 96” Bay Shore Green Felt/Brown Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 48031) (Sears)
- 96” Bay Shore Blue Felt/Black Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 48032) (Sears)
- 96” Bay Shore Red Felt/Black Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 48023) (Sears)
- 96” Bay Shore Gray Felt/Black Finish Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 48016) (Sears)
- 84” Arlington Green Cloth (No. 48025) (Sears)
- 84” Arlington Red Cloth (No. 4803) (Sears)
- 84” Arlington Grey Cloth (No. 48030)


Phone: 800-241-8697

Category: Air Hockey, Billards

- 27in Air Hockey Table Top (Item No. 2886174) (Kmart)
- 27in Billard Table Top (Item No. 2886175) (Kmart)

Two East Imports

Phone: 414-690-9826

Category: Turbo Hockey

Specific Products:
- Turbo Hockey Table

Medal Sports

Phone: 877-885-1635



Category: Badmitton, Bean Bag Toss, Foosball, Ladder Toss, Volleyball, Pickleball, Shuttlecocks, Billards

Specific Products:
- 54” Brentwood Foosball Table
- 90” Springdale Billard Table with Accessory Rack (Item No. 48020) (Sears)
- 90” Belden Billard Table with convertible top (Item No. 49205) (Sears)

Verus Sports

Phone: 855-378-7207


Category: Horseshoe, Croquet, Bocce, Beach Combo, Lawndarts

Specific Products:
- Horseshoe Set (Item No. 5293324) (Kmart)
- Croquet 4-player Set (Item No. 4359429) (Kmart)
- Bocce 90mm molded ball set (Item No. 7318373) (Kmart)
- 5-n-1 beach combo (Item No. 7318372) (Kmart)
- Lawndarts with carrier (Item No. 5853176) (Kmart)


Category: Tents

Specific Products:
- 10x10 full shade (Item No. 5648092) (Kmart)
- 9x27 event tent (Item No. 6838420) (Kmart)


Phone: 714-367-3000


Category: Tents

Specific Products:
- 12x12 instant tent (Item No. 5648092) (Kmart)
- 10x10 full shade (Item No. 5648079) (Kmart)


Phone: 972-916-9023


Category: Canopy

Specific Products:
- Canopy Chair (Item No. 4914772) (Kmart)
- Folding Canopy Wagon (Item No. 4914770) (Kmart)

Wellpower Sports


Contact Online:

Category: Darts, Dartboards, Sports Training, Team Sports, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Outdoor and Lawn Games, Table Games, Inflatable’s, Water Sports, Personal Floatation Devices, Sports Protective Gear, Tailgate, Equipment and Furniture, Swimming Gear, Fitness, Heath and Wellness, General Recreation and Accessories.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet


Category: Backyard Games, Lawn Games/Outdoor Games, Camping/Fishing/Hunting Equipment, Table Games and Table Game Accessories, Bicycle Helmets, Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards and Protective Gear and Accessories.


Core Sports - RMP Athletic Locker Ltd

Phone: 905-361-2390

Fax: 905-361-2418

Toll Free: 1877-932-0631




Outdoor Games & Recreation - Lawn Games (Badminton, Volleyball, Bocce, Petanque, Horseshoes, bean bag toss, ladderball, impulse paddle games, croquet) - Snow and Winter Games (sliding games) - Water Towables, Inflatable Islands & Pool/Beach Accessories

Team Sports - Hockey (Street and Ice) - Soccer

Action Sports - Inline Skates, Ice Skates, Combo Sets - Skateboards, Longboards

Camping/Tailgating - Tents & Flys - Accessories - Folding and Non-Folding Chairs and Seating - Pop-up Canopies, Portable Shelters, Blow molded ad Folding Tables - Coolers - Sleeping Bags - Ground Pads - Inflatable Beds and Mattresses

Australia/New Zealand

Hunter Leisure


Category: Ping Pong Table, Air Hockey Tables, Foosball Tables, Vollleyball Sets, Badminton Sets, Beanbag Toss, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball and Croquet, Recreational Balls (basketballs, baseballs, rugby balls, footballs and soccer balls)